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java jar gui without commandshell

instead of java -jar project.jar somejarparamter use javaw -jar project.jar somejarparamter you can use a link instead of a batch. just add the directory to the jar file where its located and same directory into the “working directory” option of the link to “convert” it to an exe(cutable) file use JMadex

mdi windows / frames in java

double click into source to “convert” it to text, and Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy whole “file” content at once miglayout libary (to reduce search time 😉 ) miglayout15-swing just rename the extionsion from .zip to .jar

Exception Handling in Java

public void FunctionName() throws Exception{ throw new Exception(); } throws gibt exception an die aufrufende funktion weiter UnexpectedException = unerwartete Exception Abfangen auch innerhalb der verarbeitung moeglich: try{ throw new UnexpectedException(); }catch(UnexpectedException ex){ ex.PrintStackTrace(); } Unexpected nur mit Try-Catch möglich!


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