Samba Share einbinden von VirtualBox Images

apt-get install samba
mv /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.bak
nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
 workgroup = smb
 security = share
 share modes = yes
 guest account = mike

 comment = Home Directories
 browsable = no
 read only = no
 create mode = 0750

 path = /storage/vhd 
 public = yes
 writable = yes
 comment = smb share
 printable = no
 guest ok = yes
chmod 0777 /storage/vhd

on client:

 apt-get install smbfs
 mount -t smbfs //FILE-SERVER-IP-ADRESSE/public /lokaler/mountpoint -o username=nobody

add host only adapter in virtual box and use it at virtualbox image!

show available shares with

/usr/bin/smbclient -L host

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