really blank webserver with ubuntu

i got a tipp from a friend to setup a even faster webserver with less hardware resources,

and faster to setup (you dont have to remove the gaming crap)

to make it virtual get a copy of VirtualBox (its free, cross plattform and fast đŸ™‚

Instead of Xubuntu Desktop Version grab the server edition at

create new virtual machine, set your network adapters to bridged, link in the iso image and start the virtual machine.

setup is more or less self explaining, just at the software selection i choose only sql server, samba server (for access the files on windows machine) and lampp server.

afterwards you are quested for an username and password, and for the sql server an root passwort for the database.

after  installing your htdocs folder is located here:


to access it from external run

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

scroll down and add following datalines

comment = www
path = /var/www
browsable = yes
guest ok = yes
read only = no
create mask = 0755

press Strg/Ctrl + O to save and Strg/Ctrl+X to close nano

run the following two lines to start the samba server (lampp is allready running)

sudo restart smbd
sudo restart nmbd

to access your machine type


search the ip for your current network adapter



you can access your server now, with


you can access your webfiles

right settings have to be made directly on the server (we have not set up an ftp)

changing root password or pc name is the same like the desktop version

sudo passwd

sudo nano /etc/hostname

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