Galaxy Note Serie als Grafik Tablet (mit dualscreens)

Apps Linux:


Apps Windows:


I only tested the Linux Version, so here a short manual:
– download android app and install
– download pc programm from site (chmod a+x networktablet-x86_64)
– run in a terminal the download pc programm (./networktablet-x86_64)
– run app on smartphone

If you have Dual Monitors:

xinput --list

in my case it was “Network Tablet”


note the device name and resolution settings of the device the tablet should be used for

xsetwacom set "Network Tablet" MapToOutput "1680+1050+1680+0"

if the xsetwacom cant use the display Name, use the resolution settings instead.

(in my case i had to use the resolution settings instead of display name)

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