Eclipse IDE and usefull addons!

(almost for java & php development)

1. Basics First!

Eclipse itself in basic edition Kepler

2. It’s getting dark early

I prefer a dark enviroment so skinning eclipse!

go download zip from and extract it into your dropins folder of eclipse

now get a editor theme at
or directly via eclipse itself at the “marketplace”

In Eclipse go “Help”->”Install New Software”
Klick “Add…”, type in a name and insert following location:
theres only one option to check on, do it and klick the next buttons, or accept buttons till the end and on the end klick “Finish”!
To activate the dark colors go “Window”->”Preferences”
at the “General”->”Appearance” setting select the “Dark Juno” option from the drop down, and one setting deeper “Color Theme” select a editor theme of your taste!

3. Neat little addons!

like the dark skinning work go to the installation screen of the “marketplace” and select the “Kepler” resource from the dropdown
i choose always:
– Eclipse CVS Client
– Eclipse Git Team Provider
– Eclipse Github integration with task focused interface
– java implementation of Git
– Mylyn Context Connector: Eclipse IDE
– Mylyn Context Connector: Java Development
– Mylyn Context Connector: Team Support
– Mylyn Task List
– Mylyn Task-Focused Interface
– Mylyn Tasks Connector: Bugzilla
– Mylyn Versions Connector: Git
– Task focused interface for Eclipse Git Team Provider
– Eclipse Plug-in Development Enviroment
– Marketplace Client
– PHP Development Tools (PDT)
– Swing Designer
– Swing Deisgner Documentation
– SWT Designer
– SWT Designer Core
– WindowBuilder Core
– WindowBuilder Core Documentation
– WindowBuilder Core UI
– WindowBuilder GroupLayout Support
– WindowBuilder Java Core
– Windows Builder XML Core
– Eclipse Java Development Tools
– Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
– JavaScript Development Tools
– Lua Development Tools
– Object Teams Development Tooling
– Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools
– Eclipse JAva Web Developer Tools
– Eclipse Web Developer Tools
– Eclipse XSL Developer Tools
– JAX-WS DOM Tools

“External Tools”:
csv edtior:

Android tools:

so thats my addons, i know way overloaded but for each task the right tool 🙂

4. See everything!

now we (I) need to modify the view. I alway have opened the following Views:
– Package Explorer
– Project Explorer
– Tasks
– Search
– Console
– Progress
– Problems
– Task Repositories

5. lets start working!

now you can create tasks, maybe local if no ticket system is available. If you want to connect to an ticket system or something, simply click the “Add another connector” button at the “new”->”query”/”task” option. if done so already, go to the “Task Repository” View and add your ticket System 🙂
the neat trick is to activate a task, so it counts your working time and remembers the opened files for that task.
if you close the active task or stop working on it, it closes all files, and next time you work on that task, all files are open again.

if some ticket system stands behind (in my case jira) it event counts the time you working on this issue and add’s a worklog if you stop working on that issue.

Even if you have an task active and commit some files, it puts the task description automatically into the commit message.

About Commiting..

i suggest you to use not only one directory and working on it. I use at least two directories:
– one for working on it and commit smaller steps
– one for release versions, if a version is ready to deploy it will be pushed from one dir to the other 🙂

you can get all commands if you rightclick on a file in the Package or Project Explorer under the context of “Team”

for this two directory you wont even need a server! any directory will work!

to make a repo push-able add these line to the .git/config:

[remote "origin"]
	url = /directory/for/the/release
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* 
[branch "master"]
	remote = origin
	merge = refs/heads/master

if you have a webserver left and want an overview of your commits on the projects, maybe ViewGit is an app for you 🙂

but for this software you have to work yourself into it (or maybe on a later post)

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